CCU Klove Scholarships 2023-Apply Now

CCU Klove Scholarships 

In the 21st century, a lot of scholarship opportunities are being created for the betterment of education and the CCU Klove scholarship is one of these amazing opportunities.

About Colorado Christian University 

The top interdenominational Christian university in Colorado and the Rocky Mountain region was founded in 1914 and is called Colorado Christian University. CCU offers top-notch education that enables students to have a positive impact on the world with grace and truth. It is situated in the Denver neighborhood of Lakewood, Colorado.

The American Council of Trustees and Alumni has named CCU, a leader in higher education, as one of the best colleges in the country. On the main campus in Lakewood, at the regional center in Colorado Springs, and online, more than 9,800 students study at the university. CCU is a Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference NCAA Division II institution (RMAC).


Types Of Ccu Klove Scholarships

Several grants and scholarships are funded by Colorado Christian University for eligible undergraduate students. By the priority date of April 1, prospective students should finish their FAFSA and admission application.

Academic scholarships will be automatically evaluated for applicants to CCU. Students must be enrolled each semester in order to be eligible for scholarships, which are distributed equally by semester. The year a student first enrolled at CCU determines the available scholarships and grant awards.

Candidates should look into other grants and scholarships available to College of Undergraduate Studies students.

  • First-Time Freshman Scholarships: New, first-time freshmen who meet certain academic requirements are given academic scholarships by CCU. As long as the student keeps making satisfactory academic progress (SAP) and continues to enroll in CCU’s College of Undergraduate Studies, scholarships are guaranteed for up to eight semesters or until an undergraduate degree program is finished, whichever comes first. Only tuition for on-campus enrollment is eligible for academic scholarships. Also, students must be enrolled in courses that count toward the degree requirements for an approved course of study.The academic scholarships for new freshmen, including those with AP and/or dual credit, are based on the student’s cumulative GPA from the most recent high school attended, and may also demand a standardized test (ACT, SAT, or CLT). Your chances of receiving a larger merit scholarship depend on your GPA and test results. Please use our scholarship calculator to determine your estimated merit scholarship payout.
  • World Changers Scholarship – Full Tuition:Each year, three new students who meet the criteria for Trustees or Outstanding Achievement Scholars will be given full-tuition scholarships on a competitive basis (see parameters below). The invitation-only competition takes place on campus early in the spring semester, prior to anticipated enrollment. A second Impact Scholarship will be awarded to students who are invited and participate in the two-day event (the amount varies each year). Participation in the special academic program is subject to the terms and conditions, and standardized test results are required.Students must maintain a cumulative 3.5 GPA at CCU and adhere to all eligibility standards for receiving financial help in order to remain eligible. The scholarship will pay for the entire cost of tuition, which includes the block rate for 12–18 credits and any additional fees for credits beyond 18. All tuition and additional costs for attending CCU are the responsibility of the recipients. All eligibility for additional grants and scholarships offered by CCU is forfeited by recipients.
  • Transfer Student Scholarships: Academic scholarships for transfer students with 15 or more post-secondary college credits are determined by the student’s overall cumulative GPA across all institutions attended. The scholarships for transfer students with fewer than 15 post-high school college credits are determined by the student’s high school GPA and ACT or SAT composite test score.

These Transfer Ccu Klove Scholarships Include

  • Distinction Scholarship – $12,000 per year: $6000 for each semester
    The recipient’s GPA must be at least 3.5.
  • Commendation Scholarship – $10,000 per year: (five grand per semester)
    The recipient’s GPA must be at least 3.25.
  • Recognition Scholarship – $8,000 per year: $4000 for each semester
    The recipient’s GPA must be at least 3.0.

Other CCU Klove Scholarships 

The College of Undergraduate Studies at Colorado Christian University offers extra scholarship and award options to enrolled students. These rewards are similar to academic scholarships in that they are not repaid.

  • Beckman Scholarship: Students with financial needs are awarded the Beckman Scholarship. Depending on need as determined by federal methods, eligibility, and amount change annually. To be eligible for this scholarship, a student must submit a federal aid application. Students enrolling in the College of Undergraduate Studies are eligible for the Beckman Scholarship.
  • Athletics Scholarship: Student-athletes who are approved for the Athletics Scholarship by the CCU Athletics Department are eligible to apply to the College of Undergraduate Studies at CCU. Unless otherwise specified by the athletics department, recipients are required to keep up acceptable academic progress. Scholarship amounts differ. For more information, prospective student-athletes should speak with their specific coach. Please take note that eligibility requirements and prize amounts are subject to change.
  • Legacy Scholarship: The Legacy Scholarship is intended to help siblings and/or children of CCU graduates and current students carry on the CCU tradition. The applicant’s parent or sibling must have attended or presently be enrolled in CCU or a CCU heritage institution as a student. The Partner and Legacy Scholarships are described in further detail. View more
  • Partner Initiative Scholarships: For potential students affiliated with these institutions to attend Colorado Christian University, dozens of Christian secondary schools have joined with CCU to offer financial aid opportunities. Find out more about the scholarships offered by our partner schools and ministries. View more
  • Scripture Memory Scholarship: Scholarships for Scripture Memory at Colorado Christian University is given to students who can successfully memorize passages from the Bible. Pupils are free to select one or more translations of their choosing. Although memorizing a Biblical book is not simple, it is possible. Scholarship amounts and acceptable Bibles vary. View more

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